25 S. Carolina St Hartwell, GA 30643

About Hart Development Partners, LLC

Hartwell Suites DrawingWe started building Hartwell Suites because we fell in love with downtown Hartwell. After the cotton/textile era ended, Hartwell took a downturn. Around 2010 a strong local volunteer base combined with small local business owners’ hard work slowly started to return downtown Hartwell to the vibrant downtown it is now. Today downtown Hartwell is the place to be in Northeast Georgia! 

We are proud of our namesake Lake Hartwell and have loved watching the increase in the visitors it brings to our downtown area.  We felt with the addition of the variety of dining experiences, boutique clothing, and art shops… it was time for a boutique hotel in downtown Hartwell.  

Our goal is to create a unique experience for our guests. Utilizing our combined years of traveling we  personalized each of our six rooms. When we traveled for family vacations and business trips, we wanted larger rooms, larger bathrooms, the ability for additional guests and sometimes we would have liked to have a small kitchen. While traveling alone or for quicker trips we just wanted a good meal with a hotel close by. It was a challenge to accommodate these different types of personal and professional travelers. We decided to offer two executive suites, two suites, and two standard rooms.

 We want our guests to enjoy rooms that are historical and provide the comforts they are looking for; we maintained as much of the mid 1800s historical look in brick and structure as possible. We hope you find we have accomplished our goals and provide you with an enjoyable stay.

The efforts put into the design of all the elements and the construction of Hartwell Suites were performed by a team. During the project there where fifteen people that were involved. Each of these people played an important role in the project. When the concrete in the front of the building was poured, thirty pennies were placed into the sidewalk. This is to symbolize that we all put our “two cents” into the project. See if you can find the pennies.  

We are part of a community of downtown businesses. We are all working to provide an enjoyable experience for our visitors. We have many excellent restaurants with a good variety of locally owned shops. While you are here venture out and enjoy our downtown. 

Interior Design done by Loren Schaper & Catrina Hicks.

Artwork done by: Catrina Hicks
All artwork in Hartwell Suites is available for purchase. Check out HicksFineArt.com for more examples of custom & original artwork as well as contact information.

Construction done by JLD.

Artisan woodwork done by Britt Myers and Mickey Hicks.

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